Nicholas Randall

Learning Data Science with Dataquest and completion of online courses along with individual projects. Also a piano player, music producer, and science fiction writer.


Linear Regression on Housing Data

In this project I clean and transform data, analyze correlation and use linear regression to arrive at a model that predicts a house's sale price.

K Nearest Neighbors with Car Sale Prices

This project uses K nearest neighbors to predict car sales prices. In the end I measure the accuracy using mean squared error. I test several features and K-values in the model.

Record Sales SQL

A project that answers record sales business questions like total sales by country, what genres are most popular/profitable, and visualizes data.

Statistical Analysis on College Majors

This project explores statistical analysis of college majors and their job outcomes to determine which majors lead to high paying jobs and how women are represented in the money flow.

Youtube Composite Image Maker

Python script that downloads viewcount and thumbnail images for a set of videos, then creates an image containing all of the thumbnail images, each resized according to the percent of the total views of the set it has.

Tap To Escape Original Soundtrack

Published January 2017, I made this soundtrack for my friend Neil's game on the App Store. The soundtrack incorporates house, drum and bass, chiptune and more. Check out the game here.

My Blog

On my blog I post the fiction that I write.
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