Nicholas A. Randall


Global Game Jam 2021

I made all the music as well as level design and terrain / lighting after the game jam was finished. Play our game!

KawaiiWave : Mega Moe

One of my best works, this draws on nostalgic video game and anime influences and is composition-heavy. Made for Underbelly's Kawaiiwave server contest.

Chiptune: Reluctance

I didn't want to or wasn't able to sing about the reluctance I had towards some things in my life, so I expressed the feeling in chiptune.

ARocket Lander Main Theme

The main background music for an Augmented Reality spaceship lander game. Get it on the App Store here!

Reconciliation Room

I was commissioned to create music for an art installation in Brooklyn, NYC. It was supposed to capture the experience and emotions of growing up Catholic. In less than a week, it was complete.

Tap To Escape Original Soundtrack

I made all the music and sound for a mobile one-button adventure game, released in 2017. Soundtrack here, play the game here!


Felony Fly
Consulting Clinic: Felony Fly

Felony Fly is a website to help released felons and other people with mental health disabilities to find resources , such as getting an ID card and healthcare. Made in a consulting technology class at the University of Houston.

Pariveda HFB Internship

I worked with Pariveda Solutions to develop a call center coordinator and delivery driver management application for the Houston Food Bank. The pandemic demanded an upgrade. The app is internal only, but if you volunteer to be a driver, you'll get to use it :)

Running Terror GameDev

In Fall 2021 I programmed much of our team's action platformer game, and made the music.

About Me

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Musician, software engineer, tea drinker.

I have created soundtracks for video games, soundscapes for art installations, and experimental pieces. I've been programming for years in Python, Javascript, C# and more, making responsive websites, video games and web scripts. Send me a note if any of this sounds interesting!